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Illegal content is defined as any information, online or offline, which does not comply with European Union law or the law of a Member State.

This concept covers terrorist content, child sexual content, illegal hate speech, commercial scams and fraud and violations of intellectual property rights.

To date, Noticio is focused on removing illegal online content relating to commercial scams and fraud as well as violations of intellectual property rights.

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We have partly automated our procedures. Some mail and online forms allow us to do this.

However, we consider that it is always necessary to keep a legal and technical analysis according to the case to be treated. This is why the quality of the people who make up our team is essential.

Beyond the quantity, we are always looking for an optimal and qualitative result so that the deletion of the targeted content does not impact the image or the reputation of our customers.

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Our rates vary according to the nature of the missions (monitoring, investigation, removal of content).

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To date, Noticio focuses on the monitoring, investigation and removal of illegal online content relating to:
– violations of intellectual property rights;
– to ambush marketing;
– identity theft and e-reputation;
– cybersquatting and phishing;
– resale outside the selective distribution network;
– counterfeit NFTs.


Our network of more than 500 technical intermediaries allows us to process content from all geographical areas of the world.

Of course, our strategy adapts to the specificities of each region.

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Do not hesitate to schedule a meeting or contact us by email via or by phone at +339 84 48 88 30.

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