Removing illegal content online should be simple!​

In 2016, we found that it was still difficult and time-consuming for even legal professionals to quickly remove illegal content online.

Online extrajudicial procedures come up against a multitude of difficulties: multiplicity of forms, interlocutors, legal approaches, applicable legislation, strategies, closing times, etc.

To make this amicable dispute resolution phase simpler, faster and accessible to as many people as possible, we have decided to create Noticio in order to set up a one-stop service for the removal of illegal content online.

Noticio thus centralises all requests for the deletion of illegal content online in order to save you time on the first phase of dispute resolution.

Beyond the one-stop service, we are also developing close collaboration with intermediaries concerned about compliance with the law and the rights of holders in order to change the practices of technical intermediaries who prioritise revenues over compliance with the law.

Our Goals

  • Simplify and centralise the removal of illegal content
  • Design solutions that give power back to intellectual property owners
  • Be a trusted partner for legal professionals, cybersecurity specialists, brand owners and creators.

Our Values

Noticio attaches great importance to the continuous optimisation of its services, the satisfaction of its customers and the irreproachable conduct of its activities:

  • Rigour, tenacity, quality and precision of the work provided on a daily basis
  • Integrity, transparency, compliance with the law and the commitments
  • Mutual trust and respect between employees but also with customers and partners
  • Well-being: work should remain a pleasure!
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The Founders

The Noticio team is made up of lawyers specialised in intellectual property and new technologies as well as computer engineers specialised in cybercrime.

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CLO & Partner

Sebastien MOREAU 

CTO & Partner