Noticio centralises and simplifies the removal of illegal content online

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Noticio's expertise it is...

suspended domain names
+ 1000
URLs delisted from search engines
+ 1000000
counterfeit products removed
+ 1000000

Delegate the removal of illegal content to an expert ​

International experts in online content removal at your service

Legal and IT consultants trained and specialized in removing illegal content online in any medium and in any country.

A network of several hundred technical intermediaries

Our network allows us to quickly know which service provider will collaborate, on which legal argument to rely and in what time frame you will obtain the deletion of the content.

The deletion by all legal means via an amicable negotiation phase

We implement all possible legal and technical means to negotiate amicably the deletion of the detected content.


What we cover


Delisting and removal of content violating or parasitizing your intellectual property rights and counterfeit sites.


Delisting and deletion of content and websites reproducing your works online without your permission.

Identity Theft & E-reputation

Removal of content that reproduces your online digital identity or damages your reputation.​​

Cybersquatting & Phishing​

Suspension and deletion of domain names reproducing your brand, trade name or sign.​​

Resellers outside the distribution network ​

Monitoring and investigation of resales of your products outside the distribution network.

NFT Abuse

Monitoring and reporting NFTs created in violation of your brand or work.

You have detected an illegal content?

Set up a meeting for free, our team will call you back immediately.

A content deleted regardless of its source


Social Media



Mobile Apps

Search Engines

You have detected an illegal content ?

Set up a meeting for free, our team will call you back immediately.